Developing Windows Azure and Webservices 

Day 1 Introduction and architecture

1. Key Components of distributed applications

a. Communication with mobile devices

b. Variety and accessibility of different data sources

c. Scalability

d. High availability

e. Architecture of a distributed application

2. Data and Data Access technologies


b. Odata

c. System IO

d. Entity Framework


f. Distributed Cache

3. Service Technologies


b. WCF

c. Web Api

4. Cloud computing

a. Why Cloud Computing

b. Challanges

c. Strategies

5. Azure introduction

a. Cloud services

b. Application Components


Lab: Design an distributed application 

Day 2 LINQ and data access

1. Databases and Data storage

a. Azure SQL databases

b. Azure Storage

c. Native SQL

2. Data access technologies


b. LINQ to SQL

c. LINQ to Entities

d. LINQ to XML

e. Entity SQL

f. Entity Client

3. WCF Data Services


b. OData

Lab: Data Access Layer (DAL) without Entity Framework

Day 3 Entity Framework

1. Object Relational Mapping

  1. a. Database First
  2. b. Model First
  3. c. Code First
  4. 2. Caching
  5. 3. Defining Model classes and metadata
  6. 4. Reading data
  7. 5. Writing data

Lab: Data Access Layer (DAL) with Entity Framework

Day 4 Web Api

1. HTTP Services

2. API Controller

3. Hosting and Consuming Web Api Services

a. IIS

b. Consuming Web Api in browser applications

c. Consuming Web Api in windows applications

d. Consuming Web Api in Phone applications

4. Web Api Pipeline

a. Processing Architecture

b. Asynchronous actions

5. OData Services

6. Security

7. Dependency injection

Lab: Creating a service layer for the Data Access Layer

Day 5 WCF Services

1. Introduction to WCF

2. Contracts

a. Service contracts

b. Data contracts

c. Message contracts

d. Fault contracts

3. Messaging Patterns

a. Request-Response

b. One Way

c. Duplex Channel

d. Streaming

4. Endpoints

a. Default endpoints

b. Discovery

c. Customization

5. Channel Factory

6. Extending the WCF pipeline

7. Hosting services

a. IIS

b. WAS

c. AppFactory

d. Self hosted

Lab: Creating a WCF Service for data exchange

Day 6 Azure Hosting and Service Bus

1. Azure features for hosting applications

a. Cloud services

b. Web sites

c. Virtual Machine

2. Azure Service Bus Relay

a. Relay?

b. Messaging patterns in Azure

c. Relay binding

3. Azure Service Bus Queues

a. Topics

b. Publish/Subscribe pattern

c. Sending and receiving messages

Lab: publishing the WCF service in the cloud

Day 7 Security

1. Application Security

2. WCF security

3. Transport Security

4. Message Security

5. Service authentication and authorization

6. Identity Management

a. Claims based identity

b. Windows Azure Access Control Services

c. Federated Identities

Lab: Securing the service application

Day 8 Monitoring and troubleshooting

1. Tracing

2. Service Diagnostics

3. Windows Azure Diagnostics

4. Windows Azure Metrics

5. Windows AppFabric


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