SQL Server

Dag 1

1. General

a. Factors that influence database performance

b. Measuring database performance

c. Execution plans

d. Tools for performance analysis and tuning

i. SQL Server Profiler

ii. Windows Performance Monitor

iii. SQL Server Activity Monitor

iv. SQL Server data collector

v. Dynamic Management Views

vi. SQL Server Extended Events

e. Server tuning

2. Reports

Dag 2

3. Dynamic Management Views

a. Querying

b. Change Data Capture and Tracking

c. Database related

d. Execution related

4. Extended Events 

a. Architecture

b. Tasks

c. Packages

d. Targets

e. Engine

f. Session

g. Dynamic Management Views

Dag 3

5. Schema design

a. Optimizing Database Design

b. Partitioning

6. Query Optimization

a. Optimizing queries for performance

b. Stored procedures, functions, views

c. Refactoring cursors into queries

7. Indexing

a. Optimizing an indexing strategy

b. Do we need indexes?

c. Distribution statistics

8. Locking

a. How to detect locking

b. Managing concurrency

c. How to solve locking problems?

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